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    Upgrade Firmware of your Verizon GX440 AirLink Gateways

    This page is dedicated to the upgrade the firmware of your fleet of Verizon GX440 AirLink gateways in one click. It introduces the two different tools that have been created to ease the upgrade to the latest version.

    How shall I upgrade my GX440 Verizon devices?

    Select your use case below, we will propose the best option to upgrade your fleet in one click.

    Your GX440 devices have access to the Internet

    You can use our One-click tool based on AirLink Management Services to upgrade your devices.

    This is an efficient add-on to AirLink Management Services, as all the different upgrade hops mentionned in the upgrade path will be automatically handled for you.

    Your GX440 devices are on a private network and don't have Internet access

    You can use our Windows based AirLink Upgrade tool to upgrade your whole fleet in one step.

    This is an efficient alternative to AceManager that will overcome the need of upgrading the devices one by one.