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    How to set the system name on my devices (ALEOS ALMS name) ?

    Generally speaking, device information is considered as master. Any name (other than blank) received from the device will erase the server side name. For ALEOS devices, depending on your device factory configuration, the device default value for ALMS name can be either ID-xxxxx or be empty. If the device returns an empty ALMS name (set on the device side), then the name set on server side is kept. If the device returns ID-xxxxx, you will probably want to overwrite this value following the steps below.

    Set system name on server side

    While registering or editing a system in AirVantage, you have the ability to set its name. This will set the name on the server side only. Please note that the ‘ALMS name’ in ACEmanager remains unaffected by this operation. Still if there is no default value for the ‘ALMS name’ on the device side, this will be sufficient.

    Overwrite the device ALMS name for one device

    1. From Monitor > Systems select your system and click Configuration.
    2. Click Edit. Search for the ALMS Name setting.
    3. Enter your name of choice and click Apply.

    At the next device heartbeat, the ALMS name will be configured on the device, therefore overwriting the previous value in ACEmanager.

    Overwrite the device ALMS name for a fleet of devices

    1. Go into Monitor System list. In the action bar, select Apply setting (CSV) from the More menu. In the popup, first define an identifier to be used to provide the list of systems for which you want to change names.
    2. Choose the Serial Number.
    3. Choose the firmware and setting you want to set differently for each of the devices. In our case, it is ALMS name.
    4. Finally, you will have to provide a csv file, first column being the identifier and the second column, the setting value for each of the system. In our case, the first column will be a list of Serial Numbers, and the second column will be the corresponding names to be applied to each system.
    5. Click Apply setting (CSV).

    For each device, at the next heartbeat, the ALMS name will be configured on the device, overwriting the previous value in ACEmanager.

    These instructions do not apply to legacy AirLink gateways (Raven, PinPoint etc.) running older versions of the ALEOS firmware. For this class of gateways, there is no way to change the ALMS device name in ACEmanager, as this field does not exist in the AceManager user interface.

    You can still edit the ALMS name within ALMS, by clicking on the device name at the top of the Device page. Please note that editing this name affects only ALMS, and does not replicate back to the gateway.