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    Administration activity helps you to view your account details, manage security options, administrators, users and user profiles, partnerships and connection to external accounts used for subscription management and SMS sending.

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    Overview of Administration

    The activity is organized into sections designed to help you configure and manage your account:

    • Account details
    • Support
    • Users
    • Profiles
    • Partners
    • Security options
    • External accounts

    The Administration functionality is now part of My Account section, consolidating similar functionalities in one location. As such, it can be accessed from the AirVantage portal by clicking on the User Menu and selecting My Account:

    Account details

    The account details section displays:

    • the company name and address
    • the account type that reflects the offer you have subscribed
    • the status of the account
    • an optional picture for the company logo
    • the billing contact (depends on type and status of account)


    The Support section contains all of the information on resources you might need, including:

    • Documentation: a link to the on-line documentation
    • The Source: A link to the Source, our technical support website
    • Contact us: Details on how to contact the technical support
    • Feedback: A link to User Voice, an on-line tool for submitting product enhancement requests.

    Address book

    The Address book section contains all delivery contacts that you may ship an order to. Those contacts don’t have an AirVantage account, they are only used for orders reception


    The Users section displays the list of users already created. It provides the following features:

    • Create a user (only administrators can create new users)
    • View user details (link)
    • Edit user


    Profiles apply to users and partners. It defines which entities and features are allowed to this user. A profile can be reviewed and set from its Profile Details page.

    The Profiles section displays the list of profiles already created. It provides the following features:

    • Create a profile (only administrators can create profiles link)
    • View profile details (link)
    • Edit profile

    Profile Details

    Profile details are divided into four tabs:

    • Account Network
    • Device
    • Entities
    • User Interface
    Account Network

    The Account Network tab defines which entities (company, partners, users, labels, … ) can be administered.


    • View Administrators
    • View Details


    • Request Partnership
    • View
    • Work for Partner


    • View


    • Create/Edit
    • Delete
    • View


    • View

    Operator / SMS accounts

    • Create
    • Edit
    • View
    • View Restricted Parameters


    • Request Partnership
    • Accept / Reject Partner Request
    • View
    • Work for Partner

    Application Preferences

    • Create
    • Edit
    • View

    API client

    • Create
    • Delete
    • Edit
    • View

    The Accounts tab defines account related activities (ordering, invoicing) that can be performed.


    • View


    • View (orders, delivery contacts, product references)
    • Update (orders, delivery contacts)

    The Device tab defines whether or not you are allowed to do device management operations – namely, reboot, wakeup, synchronize, configure heartbeat – on systems.


    Defines which operations can be performed on entities.


    • View

    Alert rules

    • Create / Edit / Delete
    • View


    • Delete
    • Edit
    • Publish
    • Release
    • Test
    • View

    Application Request

    • Accept/Reject


    • Create
    • View
    • Retrieve Data


    • Create
    • Delete
    • Edit
    • View
    • Accept/Reject Transfer
    • Create Transfer
    • Replace Gateway


    • Activate
    • Archive
    • Create
    • Delete
    • Edit
    • Export
    • Maintenance
    • Restore
    • Suspend
    • Upgrade
    • View
    • Send Command / SMS / Wake up


    • Create
    • View


    • Create
    • Delete
    • Edit
    • View
    • Cancel / Launch Subscription Operations
    • Accept / Reject Transfer
    • Create Transfer
    • Replace Subscription


    • Apply Settings


    • Accept / Reject
    • Transfer
    User Interface

    The User Interface tab defines which activities can be visible to the user.


    Partners are other companies that are connected to you in some way. When a partner is added to your network, you select a profile to restrict access to all their users when they access to your company. It is possible to define a profile with No rights to a partner.

    The Partners section displays your list of partners. It provides the following features:

    • Edit partner: change the profile you give to the users of your partner in your company

    Security options

    The security options described hereafter are based on user or device connection restrictions. Those options are configurable per company. These restrictions help protect your data from unauthorized access and phishing attacks. The security section also covers the management of company administrators.

    To access the security section, from My Account click on Administration > Security:

    2 factor authentication

    The two-factor authentication (2FA) option enables two-stage verification to double check the identity of a user trying to login to ALMS. It combines the standard login based on a user name and password (“something the user knows”) with an additional factor “something the user has”.

    When this option is activated, after entering credentials on the login page, the user will have to provide the 6 character code (a one time password) the user will receive in a SMS on their phone. The SMS is sent by ALMS to the phone number configured in the user’s detail form. This 2FA will be required at every log in for every user of the company.

    For the 2FA feature to operate correctly, all users in the company MUST have a phone number in their user profile. In additon, once 2FA is activated in the company, all new users will require a phone number.

    To enable two-factor authentication in your company, please contact your reseller or our support team.

    User IP filtering

    The User IP filtering option enables you to restrict users login based on the IP addresses they are logging from. You can therefore use this option and configure it with your organization trusted IP Range.

    As input, you can provide:

    • A range of IP
    • And/Or a list of IP

    Once option is activated, a user trying to log from an IP address not in the authorized list will be denied access to AirVantage.

    Device IP filtering

    The Device IP filtering option enables you to filter devices access based on the IP addresses they communicate from. You can therefore use this option and configure it with your organization trusted IP Range.

    As input, you can provide:

    • A range of IP
    • And/Or a list of IP

    If your devices are communicating through a VPN to AirVantage, you should use the range “” to “” for NA and “” to “” for EU to ensure every device communication comes from within the VPN.

    If you are not using a VPN to AirVantage, you can still use this option. As the IP address allocated to devices depend on your operator, to help you with the configuration of the option, you can find the external IP address detected by AirVantage for each system in the timeline of this specific System.

    Once option is activated, a device trying to communicate from an IP address not in the authorized list will be denied access to AirVantage.

    Company administrators

    Company administrators are the only ones who can edit the security configuration, create new users or profiles.

    An administrator can promote any user from the company, and also add users from partner companies to the role of company administrator: choose the partner click in the Administrators field to select users from the partner.

    Other Native security features in AirVantage

    Account timeouts on incorrect user authentication

    AirVantage requires the user to authenticate with the system to provide access. As part of the standard security options AirVantage prevents users from making multiple erroneous login attempts. The system requires a user to wait a random amount of time between two login attempts. This prevents automated systems from attempting to brute force user passwords.

    External Accounts

    The External Accounts section is where you can configure connectors to operator and SMS accounts.

    Operator Accounts

    Operator accounts are used for subscription management, it gives access in AirVantage to more features on the subscription: synchronize status from the operator network, suspend or resume the subscription, activate or terminate a subscription. An operator account can be associated with SMS accounts that can be used when AirVantage send an SMS to a subscription of this account.

    More information on Subscription Management

    SMS Accounts

    Both sections provide the following features to :

    • Create: configure a connector to access an operator or SMS gateway account
    • View account details
    • Edit account

    More information on howto configure an SMS account


    This section provides you with helpful procedures for common tasks.