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AirLink Enterprise Connect staging

Each AirLink Enterprise Connect device is a bundle of an ES440 gateway, a SIM from our airtime provider partner and an AVMS subscription.

In order to enable the remote monitoring of the ES440 with Sierra Wireless AirVantage you need to follow a staging procedure.

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Please refer to the Install and configure Butler section.

STEP 1 - Log in and select your customer

  1. Execute the Butler application
  2. Butler requires you to log in with your AirVantage credentials
  3. Select the customer from your list
  4. When you’re ready to connect the device to stage, hit the “space” bar
    • Butler will then be ready to start as soon as you plug the ES440 in.

STEP 2 - SIM and Gateway appairal

Customer shall receive the device ready to use, with SIM already inserted in the device. To this purpose:

  • Unscrew the black plastic cover of the ES440 gateway
  • Insert the AirLink Enterprise Connect SIM corresponding to the customer order in the card slot.
  • Place the plastic cover back and screw it back.
  • If a SIM Sleeve has been provided with the SIM, please replace the quick start guide by the SIM Sleeve into the ES440 box.

STEP 3 - Connect your device

  • The ES440 can either be connected with
    • An ethernet cable
    • if you are already using it, with a USB cable.
      • Windows user must have installed the USB-Ethernet driver available here
  • Power it on
  • Butler will detect it and automatically launch the staging procedure.

Once the ES440 has been set up and registrated in AirVantage, you will be asked to unplug it and start a new cycle.


If, for any reason, your staging does not end with the window indicating staging success, please:

  • Verify the SIM is inserted,
  • Unplug your device and plug it again.
  • For Windows users, check that the Internet trafic is correctly routed via your main connection (and not via the GW). If not, you may require to adjust the metrics of the different network interfaces. Please check Windows support pages for more information.

If still experiencing issues, then contact the support team.

Install & configure Butler

Download and install Butler tool

Butler final staging step is the registration on AirVantage of the ES440 in your customer account.

Therefore, the computer that will run Butler must be connected to the Internet.

To install it, just unzip the archive in the folder of your choice.

Disable Firewall

Butler embeds an FTP server so that the ES440 can retrieve various configuration files. To make it work under Windows, you have to disable your firewall settings.

  • Go to Configuration Panel/ System and Security / Windows Firewall and disable Firewall

You can now go back to the staging procedure .