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How to register systems with an initial configuration?

Initial configuration

To simplify your deployment you can pre-designate the configuration you want AirVantage to apply when it will connect the first time:

  • Firmware version
  • Configuration template
  • Communication intervals with AirVantage and scheduled reports

Once the systems will start communicating with AirVantage, the operations will be executed one after another, to end up with the targetted configuration. Please note that this initial configuration will undertake one operation step only at each device communication interval. The overall configuration may take few device heartbeat periods.

Firmware version

This option permits to apply a firmware update to the systems that you are adding to AirVantage.

Prior to selecting this option check to be sure that you selecting a valid upgrade version. Some older versions of AirLink ALEOS firmware have dependencies that may require an incremental update. In that case apply the valid version. You will be able to apply the latest version once the systems are registered and communicating with AirVantage.

Configuration template

You need to create an ALEOS configuration template in AirVantage in advance to apply that template when the new system registers.

To create a template, go to the Configure > Templates page. Click on the “+” to begin the process. You have the option to create a template from scratch (select Brand New) or from an existing device that you have already communicating into AVMS (select From System).

Device communication intervals

Heartbeat is the time interval that the device will communicate to AirVantage.

All relevant jobs that are in queue in ALMS are triggered based on the heartbeat. This timer cannot be set less than 15 minutes. Note that the heartbeat will consume 1.4 Kb of data.

By clicking on the signal bar icon the window will expand to show two additional timers that relate to the status icon that appears on the Monitor/Systems page. You can enter a timeout value to change the green icon to amber and from amber to red.

Status Report is the time interval for collecting the group of status data from the device for display in AirVantage. The status report includes 26 data points and consumes 3.1 Kb of data.

Additional Datasets is the time interval for collecting a user defined set of data from the device for display in AirVantage. You need to create a Dataset data set in AirVantage in advance to configure this option.

To create a dataset, go to Configure > Datasets page. Click on the “+” to begin the process.