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    What's new in 15.04 - April 2015

    Here are descriptions of some of the most interesting and significant changes made to AirVantage 15.04 for AirVantage Platform.

    Top 3 new features

    New Documentation

    The documentation has been reworked to provide more developer oriented content, including tutorials to connect your devices.

    What has changed?

    • The Getting Started section helps you start sending your first data
    • The Features section lets you discover how AirVantage can help you to build you IoT project
    • The How To section gives you step by step instructions to connect your devices to AirVantage and use the main features
    • The reference section includes the description of AirVantage API
    • The new documentation can be seen from a desktop, a tablet or a Smartphone and embed a search engine

    Improved MQTT Support

    Now AirVantage supports MQTT Quality of Service (QoS) level 0 and 1 from the MQTT standard:

    • QoS 0: The message is delivered at most once, or it may not be delivered at all: this QoS provides the same guarantee as the underlying TCP protocol.
    • QoS 1: The message is always delivered at least once. The server sends back a Publish Acknowledgment to the device. This QoS provides the garantee that your data has been received on AirVantage.

    Connector for Open AT modules

    A new library has been delivered for all Open AT gateways and modules: SL series, Q series and FX and GL gateways.

    This simple library aims to help you to send data to AirVantage and receive commands. It can be uploaded in your development environment by using the package manager in the Developer Studio for Open AT and using the airvantage update site: This package includes:

    • the library
    • the API documentation
    • two samples which send greenhouse data.

    MQTT Howtos

    You can find an howto for the Open AT Connector here. But for each gateway or modules supported by AirVantage, you can find an howto for your hardware:

    And if you can’t find a howto for your hardware platform, have a look to the reference guide here!

    Customize widgets in System Grid section

    The top section of Monitor/Systems/Grid is now customizable. You can add any widget of your choice or replace the ones already in place, to match a specific use case.

    As an example, to upgrade your fleet, you can pick the System Types and Deployed Firmware widget. This will permit to easily select a subset of the fleet with a specific version and upgrade, and then select another part and upgrade it without going back and forth to the start page dashboard.

    Note that you can add more than 3 widgets, still this will push the grid down to the bottom.

    Other improvements and API changes

    New modules and gateways types available

    A set of new gateways and modules are available in the Register activity.

    • AV Phone: you can go on the google or Apple Store to download the AV Phone application on your smartphone and use it to simulate a machine and send data to AirVantage.
    • New modules: MC7354 and variants have been added. SL8082BTAR and HL6 are not BETA anymore.

    New Heat Map widget for fleet data vizualisation

    Available in the start page configurable dashboard, a new widget for vizualising aggregated data over the fleet provides additional analytical capability. You can plot any numeric device management or application data for checking the fleet trend by configuring:

    • the data you want to display
    • the function to be used among mean, count, sum, min and max
    • the aggregation period (by default a week)

    As example is shown an aggregation function for the anlysis of temperature for a large fleet:

    Other informations

    Automatic removal of labels

    Adds automatically a label when launching an operation on more than 100 entities. Then the label is now automatically removed.

    From the system details, we not only provide a direct access to AceManager to the default connection port 9191, but now you can also benefit from the same functionality if you are using SSL or if you changed the default port. AirVantage will deduct the way to access AceManager from the device configuration.