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    SMS Provider

    An SMS Provider gives the possibility to send SMS messages to several operators.

    Read only fields are computed by AirVantage and can only be seen on response fragments sent by find request.

    Field Description Read Only Type
    uid Provider's unique identifier. true uid
    name Provider's name. true string
    supportedOperators List of operations who can be reached by this SMS provider. See Get Operators. true enum
    supportedSmsTypes Says which kind of SMS are supported. Possible values are: Text, Binary true enum
    accountParameters Necessary parameters to connect successfully with the operator services. true parameter array Parameter's name true string
    accountParameters.type Parameter's type. Possible types are : boolean, date, double, int, long, string true string
    accountParameters.optional Is it optional? true boolean
    accountParameters.restricted Is it restricted (only visible by an administrator) ? true boolean
    accountParameters.constraints Possible values may have constraints. true

    This is a complete representation of a Entity. This fragment is returned by the find request. Please refer to the fields section to have a detailed explanation of each field.

       "uid": "",
       "name": "",
       "supportedOperators": [],
       "supportedSmsTypes": [ "Text", "Binary" ],
       "accountParameters": [
             "name": "",
             "type": "",
             "optional": ,
             "restricted": ,


    Returns a paginated list of SMS providers available for the company.

    It is possible to restrain the result list using criteria parameters.

    The fields parameter has to be defined in order to specify the attributes of the sms provider which will be returned.
    If fields parameter is missing, only the following attributes of the sms provider are returned : uid, name.

    More information about paging, filtering, and sorting here



    200 OK

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Type: application/json
          "uid": "5a6cd064d1ab428897c84f4e0e360fe1",
          "name": "Sample SMS Provider",
          "supportedOperators": [
    Name Description Use Default Type Operand
    uid Return the SMS provider whose uid match with the given one. optional null uid string =
    operator Return all SMS providers linked to the given operator. optional null string =
    name Return all SMS providers whose name contains the given string. optional null string like
    company Set the context company. optional caller's company uid =
    HTTP Method GET
    Requires Authentication Yes
    Rate Limited Yes
    Headers None
    Permissions None
    Fields uid, name, operator, supportedSmsTypes, supportedOperators, accountParameters