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    What's new in 16.04 - April 2016

    Enhanced Administration Menu

    In order to streamline the ALMS interface, this release introduces a new Administration Menu that consolidates the account-related settings for ALMS into a single location. The new menu is accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines (“hamburger menu”) in the top right corner of the ALMS interface, to the right of your name and organization.

    Clicking this icon will expose the new menu, giving you access to your Profile and Preferences, the ALMS User Manual and access to My Account. Selecting My Account will open a new window that provides access to all of the account management features.

    Note: The details that you will see in the Account interface is organized into sections designed to help you configure and manage your account. What you will see is dependent on your user class and the access rights that have been granted. As an Administrator, you will have access to:

    • Account details • Users • Profiles • Partners • Security options • External accounts

    While this change to the UI improves the overall user experience, we understand that change can cause frustration for users. To help ALMS users with this transition, we will leave the old Administration link in the menu for a short period of time. Selecting this link will take you to a temporary landing page that provides a direct link to the new My Account section where you will find all the account-related settings in one convenient location.

    For complete details on the new Administration Menu, please refer to the corresponding documentation:

    Delete a User Profile from ALMS

    To date, there has been no way to delete user profiles from ALMS. This release adds this capability, allowing customers to better manage their ALMS users. To delete a user profile, access My Account from the new Administration Menu.

    In the Profiles section, select the user profile that you wish to delete.

    Once selected, you can either click the red deletion “x” in the top menu, or select deletion from the Actions menu. You can only delete one user profile at a time, and the profile deletion will only be authorized if no User or Partner is using this profile.

    The ALMS APIs have been updated to include these new capabilities, and can be found here

    Please note: You must have Administrator rights to delete a user.

    Remove a Firmware or Application from My Apps

    ALMS uses the term “Application” to refer to both ALEOS Application Framework (AAF) applications, as well as firmware for the AirLink gateways. Each gateway model has its own set of firmware, and for customers with multiple AirLink gateway models in their fleet, this list of applications can become unwieldy.

    This product enhancement enables a user to remove an unused Application from the My Apps section of ALMS. A user might want to delete it because they added the Application in error, or because it is now an old version that the company doesn’t want to use in their environment. By removing it from the My Apps section, the list of Applications that will appear in the application selection menus in other sections of ALMS will be reduced. This will ensure that other users will only see relevant options for doing firmware upgrades, or other actions.

    When removed from My Apps the Application is only removed for your organization. The Application will still exist in the public repository, and it can be added back to the My Apps for your organization as needed. To delete an Application, navigate to Develop>My Apps. Use the filtering capabilities of ALMS to identify the Application you wish to delete. Note that you can use the Application State widget to quickly identify deprecated Applications.

    From the main grid, select the Application in question and either click the red deletion “x” in the top menu, or select deletion from the Actions menu. A dialog will ask you to confirm the deletion.

    Deleting an Application has the following restrictions: • You must have Administrator rights to delete an Application. • The application will be deleted if the Application is owned by the user’s company (for example for an AAF application developed and released by your company). • The Application cannot be deleted from My Apps if it is used by a System.