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    What's new in 15.04 - April 2015

    Top 3 Features

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new AirLink Management Service powered by AirVantage offer!

    This is basically a name update for better clarity, and a product customization to be more specific to AirLink gateways.

    Here follow some details explaining how the product is now more customized for the ALMS users :

    • In Register activity, you will only see the list of products relevant for the ALMS offer you have subscribed to, i.e. the AirLink Gateways product range.

    • To help you get the most of your ALMS account and to facilitate the experience for a first time user, the start page dashboard has been pre-configured to display the widgets that make the most sense to AirLink users. Of course you still can customize the dashboard on top of the proposed configuration.

    • The dashboard also includes a new ALMS widget to indicate clearly which offer you have subscribed to completed by a link to a product tour video to support your first steps in AirLink Management Services.

    • In the same idea of facilitating experience, columns in system grid have also been pre-configured. You can still add/remove columns of your choice. In all cases, your own configurations and preferences will always be prevalent on the default company pre-configuration.

    Documentation refresh

    As part of the ALMS launch, the documentation has also been completely refreshed. Pay it a visit!

    What changed?

    • There is a section dedicated to the ALMS offer and use cases
    • The documentation has been fully updated and some specific sections have been improved or added: register and inventory import templates, how to configure SMS accounts, bulk FW upgrade, how to promote a user as administrator, etc…
    • An ALMS dedicated Getting Started section to specifically support first time customers
    • An ALMS dedicated Features section presenting the main features for an ALMS user
    • The powerful searching capability will permit you to find the content you are looking for easily throughout the documentation
    • You can now access the documentation everywhere: it is available with optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)

    Customize widgets in System Grid section

    The top section of Monitor/Systems/Grid is now customizable. You can add any widget of your choice or replace the ones already in place, to match a specific use case.

    As an example, to upgrade your fleet, you can pick the System Types and Deployed Firmware widget. This will permit to easily select a subset of the fleet with a specific version and upgrade, and then select another part and upgrade it without going back and forth to the start page dashboard.

    Note that you can add more than 3 widgets, still this will push the grid down to the bottom.

    Other improvements

    New Heat Map widget for fleet data vizualisation

    Available in the start page configurable dashboard, a new widget for vizualising aggregated data over the fleet provides additional analytical capability. You can plot any numeric device management or application data for checking the fleet trend by configuring:

    • the data you want to display
    • the function to be used among mean, count, sum, min and max
    • the aggregation period (by default a week)

    As examples are shown 2 different aggregation functions for the anlysis of RSSI for the same large fleet:

    The first one gives the trends of the mean RSSI and tends to prove that the RSSI does not have a specific time pattern.

    However, if you change the function to count, i.e. the number of times that the device sends its RSSI during time, it gives an approximate of the communication pattern on the fleet within the week (RSSI is a parameter sent in status reports).

    SSL Access to AceManager

    From the system details, we not only provide a direct access to AceManager to the default connection port 9191, but now you can also benefit from the same functionality if you are using a VPN or if you changed the default port. AirVantage will deduct the way to access AceManager from the device configuration.