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    What's new in 15.01 - January 2015

    Top 3 Features

    New gateway and module types available

    A set of new gateways and modules are available in the AirVantage:

    1. AirLink Gateways: you now have the capability to remotely configure and monitor ES450 and GX450 within your fleet of AirLink Gateways.

    2. HL series: HL6528 and HL8548 are now available.

    3. FX series: FX100 is now available.

    Monthly Token notifications

    As an AirVantage Management Service customer, you will now receive your token balance update by email on a monthly basis. This will be effective starting Feb 1st 2015.

    In addition to this new report functionality, you may also receive an additional notification in case you are expected to run out of token within the next 3 months. This reminder will be repeated on a monthly basis until you purchase additional tokens or your account gets suspended.

    New Clickatell & HSL SMS Connectors

    In case your AirLink gateway looses the data connection, you may try to access it and trigger the reconnection to the network using SMS.

    These two sms provider connectors have been redesigned in order to supply a better user experience. Create an account on the sms provider website, supply 2 or 3 credentials informations in the SMS Account in AirVantage and send SMS using your account.

    Please note that commands that are available via SMS for AirLink Gateways include setting the APN, the AV server, reset the device, etc… Please consult the ALEOS user guide for the full list of commands and the way to use them.

    SMS Delivery Confirmation (Twilio, Clickatell, HSL)

    This allows you to receive an acknowledgement when a wakeup or any sms is delivered to the device. Open any operation requiring to send an sms to the device to see if an acknowledgement can be received and if it has been received.

    The operation details the acknowledgement identification number which allows you to check it on the sms provider web site.

    Other improvements

    Configurable widgets to display fleet aggregated data

    Available in the start page configurable dashboard, a new widget for aggregated data over the fleet provides additional analytical capability for the fleet. Any numeric device management or application data can be plotted in this graph for checking the fleet trend. As an example, below the widget displays the mean max and min values for the power input voltage a fleet of AirLink devices.

    To configure this widget, you need to choose the data you want to plot and the mathematical function you want to apply (among mean, maximum, minimum, count and sum). As an example, the configuration that has been used to create the previous graph is shown below.
    Up to 3 different graphs can be plotted in the same widget, and you can add several widget of this same kind in the start page dashboard if needed.

    Configure communication operation now includes more details

    As a reminder, you can change the communication policy by using the Configure Communication menu in the Monitor System Details View. An operation is created. When your device communicates, changes are applied.

    Now, the created operation displays the modified information for a better follow-up including the communication pattern applied, the configuration or not of a status report, and also the dataset name selected in the Additional Datasets section.

    Automatic removal of campaign labels

    When you are launching an operation on more than 100 entities, AirVantage requires a campaign label. You can either put your own label or use the proposed campaign label.

    If you are opting for the proposed campaign label, this label will now be removed automatically at the end of the operation to avoid that the different entities are overloaded with old campaign labels.