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    What's new in 14.07 - July 2014

    What does 14.07 mean?

    From now on, we will name our major releases in the following format: YY.MM For example, 14.07 refers to the release deployed in the month of July, 2014

    Top 3 new features

    Pay only for active systems

    Up to now, all registered systems on AirVantage were charged a monthly fee.

    If you wanted to remove an AirLink gateway or an AirPrime module from operation (e.g. for maintenance purpose), but did not want it to incur unnecessary charges, you would have to delete it from AirVantage, and re-register it when resuming the service.

    To simplify system deactivation/activation process, we have modified the billing scheme as follows:

    • Only systems in “Ready” or “Deployed” state will be charged
    • Systems in “Inventory” or “Maintenance” state will not incur any charge

    How do I apply the different system states?

    When creating a system with the Register, the default system state is Ready. After the first connection with AirVantage, the system’s state will be automatically switched to Deployed.

    If you want to remove several monitored systems from operation, we recommend you to switch them to Maintenance state, to avoid unnecessary charges.

    When the system resumes service, you can simply activate it on AirVantage again. Optionally, you can use the Inventory activity as a dynamic stock management tool during the staging phrase of your IoT development. Create your modules or gateways and stock them in Inventory state (for free).

    Activate the systems when you are ready to deploy them by switching them to Ready state.

    How to switch a group of systems to Maintenance state?

    You can now switch one or more systems to Maintenance state in the Inventory / System view, using the new button “Switch to Maintenance” in the Action menu bar and Actions column.

    Moreover, we have simplified the way to edit a system. You can change a system’s gateway, subscription or firmware anytime in the Inventory/ System page, without switching the system to maintenance state beforehand.

    New integrated AirPrime modules

    Welcome to the AirPrime SL8 smart modules (SL8080T, 8082T and 8084T) – the latest additions to the AirVantage device catalog.

    You can now easily create a system with an SL8 module in the Register tab, upgrade firmware or OpenAT application, and monitor the module parameters from AirVantage.

    Other improvements

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    Support of 16 digits Serial Numbers for LS and GX series

    Latest versions of LS and GX series are now using 16 digits serial numbers. This new format is the one displayed on the sticker label and bar code, enabling easy registration with a bar code scanner.

    AirVantage supports this new 16 digits format as the previous formats based on 13 and 15 digits.


    Warning message when a Gateway is being transferred

    Until now when you tried to edit a gateway that was being transferred to one of your partners you were getting an error message.

    Now, we warn you and we prevent you to change anything.


    Filtering operations by system/entity now made easy

    In both Monitor and Inventory activities, in the operation tab, you now have the capability to filter operations that occurred on a system or other entity of choice. Until now you had to provide the UID of the system to filter all related operations.

    We now let you select your system using our generic system picker. Same functionality is provided in the Inventory activity, based on either system picker, and also on susbscription or gateway pickers.

    Documentation widgets on Start page

    Documentations widgets in the Start Page are now split between User Guide and Developper Guide. By default, new users are getting both widget in the customizable Start Page. However, as they have the capability to customize this dashboard, they can keep only the widget of interest to them.

    Quickly view passwords

    Until now to check the value of a password you had to switch to edition mode. This extra step is not needed anymore. Of course, the edition right is still required.